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BIO-TEX Protect for Leather and Fabric 

BIO-TEX PROTECT is a textile coating providing stain repellent, antimicrobial and antiviral protection. It has been developed to provide long-lasting repellent properties to your fabric & leather surfaces against drink spillages, food and even harsh stains such as red wine or dye transfer for up to two years. Water and liquids simply bead and roll off the material, whilst food stains are easier to remove, leaving no residue on the surface, making it the ideal solutions for all fabric & leather surfaces. Get in touch today with any enquiries.


High-Quality Coatings

Incorporating Biomaster® silver ion technology, BIO-TEX Protect is effective for the lifetime of the coating. When bacteria lands on a BIO-TEX Protect coated surface, the Biomaster® binds to the bacteria cell wall, disrupting growth. It interferes with enzyme production, stopping the cell, producing energy. It also interrupts the cell’s DNA preventing replication.


With built-in-tracer technology that highlights the need for re-application as and when required, BIO-TEX Protect provides full protection against bacteria. The coating has now been tested to ISO 21702:2019 against SARS-COV-2 (the cause of COVID-19) and shown to reduce SARS-COV-2 by more than 73.7% in just 2 hours compared to the control sample.

Directions for Use

Bio-Tex Protect can be applied using the trigger spray or a pump-up sprayer. You must  shake the bottle well (for 15 to 30 seconds) before use.


When applying to fabric surfaces, apply an even coat, ensuring the material is wet but not saturated, then allow it to dry naturally for 24 hours for best results, or use gentle heat to speed up the drying process.


For leather surfaces, mist the product onto the surface and allow it to dwell for 30 seconds. Take a clean, dry microfibre cloth and buff the excess from the leather and allow 24 hours for full curing.


Technical Data Sheet

Antibacterial Testing Certificate

SARS-COV-2 Testing Certificate

Skin Irritation Testing Certificate 1 – Cured Coating

Skin Irritation Testing Certificate 2 – Liquid Coating

Fire Test Certificate

Safety Data Sheet

Superior Protection & Stain repellency

Ideal for mutliple textile surfaces, BIO-TEX Protect covers all your needs.

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